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Come and support us at the Appeal of the Greensted Road proposals on 8th August at 10am at EFDC Civi

The developer has called for an Appeal against the refusal of planning permission for EPF/2627/20 at Greensted Road.

Planning permission was refused in September 2022 as being contrary to Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Policies and EFDEC Local Plan Policies. The five reasons included being overintensive and out of character with the edge of settlement location; uncharacteristic height (3 storey) of blocks of flats; insufficient and badly designed parking; and the wrong housing mix to meet demand, with too many 1 bed homes and too few family homes of 3 bedrooms.

The Appeal will be in the form of a Public Hearing on 8th August at 10am and could last for two days. Members of the public are encouraged to attend, particularly if they will be affected by the development. Email with your name and address if you would like to speak, stating the matter or Appeal details.

The developer’s Case for the Appeal as well as EFDC’s Statement / Rebuttal can be found on EFDC Appeal ref is AP-13203. Our Representation (ONPCG is also representing Ongar Town Council) included robust evidence in support of the refusal. It is on and Ongar Town Council website. There is also the Inspector’s Pre Hearing Note which includes questions for the Developer and for EFDC, as well as the Agenda itself. Interestingly, despite not being a refusal reason, the Inspector has listened to concerned residents and will be discussing surface water flooding and drainage issues at the Public Hearing.

The character of Ongar could be permanently harmed if the refusal of this application is overturned. The result of this Appeal matters, not just for residents near the development, as it could set a precedent for future development sites in Ongar. Please do come to support residents near the Greensted Road site against this inappropriate high density development that ignores planning policies and the character of our historic settlement.

As we know, the suggested density of approx. 36 dwellings per hectare could deliver an attractive well designed development respecting our verdant and rural character and also meet the acknowledged need for predominantly 3 bed family homes with sufficient parking and front and back gardens. However, although the field is subject to surface water flooding and has other constraints, the developers still want to cram virtually the same number of homes into a smaller space! No wonder it can’t comply with so many of EFDC Local Plan Policies and Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Policies!

Please do come to the Public Hearing on 8th August at 10am to support the refusal decision. Stand up for democracy and our Neighbourhood Planning Policies!

Mary Dadd

Chairman of Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Community Group (ONPCG) and representing Ongar Town Council in this planning matter.

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