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From analysis of evidence, and also the outcomes of community engagement, the following aims have been identified:

  1.  Enabling rural and urban regeneration of the Parish.

  2. Creating a more vibrant historic High Street in Chipping Ongar.

  3. Ensuring development is sustainable, well-designed and creates a distinctive local identity.

  4. Protecting or enhancing the historic, natural and rural environments of Ongar.

  5. Creating more sustainable live/work patterns.

  6. Maintaining and expanding the range of local community facilities and amenities.


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These aims are translated into a set of policies grouped under three headings, as follows:

Rural Regeneration

  • Policy ONG-RR1: Employment and Rural Diversification

  • Policy ONG-RR2: Chipping Ongar High Street

  • Policy ONG-RR3: New Housing Mix and Standards

  • Policy ONG-RR4: Broadband

Environment and Design

  • Policy ONG-ED1: Local Character and Design

  • Policy ONG-ED2: Design and Character in the Chipping Ongar Conservation Area

  • Policy ONG-ED3: Historic Buildings

  • Policy ONG-ED4: Sustainable Design

  • Policy ONG-ED5: Environment

  • Policy ONG-ED6: Landscape Buffers

Community and Transport Infrastructure

  • Policy ONG-CT1: Local Green Space

  • Policy ONG-CT2: Community, Cultural, Leisure and Sports Facilities

  • Policy ONG-CT3: Transport and Movement

  • Policy ONG-CT4: Infrastructure Priorities

  • Policy ONG-CT5: Footpaths and Cycle Route

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