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The neighbourhood plan steering group Ongar, being the committee of Neighbourhood Plan Community Group, would like to record their thanks for the considerable assistance, cooperation, encouragement and patience of

  • Supporters of Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Community Group committee, who included experts and professionals in Town Planning, Engineering, Retail, Surveying, Architecture, Local History, Historic Environment, Ecology, Education, Sports and Recreational Facilities, Health and others who helped with research, IT and clerical aspects- many of whom are local residents

  • RCCE

  • The residents, business owners, landowners, Community groups, Church groups of the civil parish of Ongar

  • Ongar Health Centre

  • Local School Headteachers

  • Roy Strutt Photography

  • Ongar sports clubs

  • Ongar Town Councillors and Officers

  • Epping Forest District Council Officers and Councillors

  • Essex County Council Officers and Councillors

  • MP for Brentwood and Ongar (Alex Burghart)

Further Guidance from Environment Agency, Thames Water, National Grid and Essex County Council


Environment Agency

The relevance of the designation and the potential implication upon development proposals should be considered with reference to Groundwater Protection guidance:


Main River Water Quality

The Cripsey Brook watercourse (Water Framework Directive ID: GB106037033481) and the Upper Roding watercourse (Water Framework Directive ID: GB106037033500) run through the neighbourhood plan area.

Developments within or adjacent to these watercourses should not cause further deterioration and should seek to improve the water quality based on the recommendations of the Thames River Basin Management Plan. An assessment of the potential impacts of the neighbourhood plan on this watercourse under WFD should be included within the SEA appraisal. Further information on the current status of this watercourse can be found on Catchment Data Explorer here:



The plan includes areas which are located on Secondary A Bedrock and Superficial Aquifers. The relevance of the designation and the potential implication upon development proposals should be considered with reference to our Groundwater Protection guidance:


Thames Water

Developers are encouraged to contact Thames Water as early as possible to discuss

their development proposals and intended delivery programme to assist with identifying any potential wastewater network reinforcement requirements and to allow upgrades to Stansted Rivers Sewage Treatment Works to be programmed. Developments will be required to comply with Policy DM18 of the Epping Forest Local Plan in relation to wastewater infrastructure. Where there is a capacity constraint, phasing conditions should be applied to any approval where appropriate to ensure that any necessary infrastructure upgrades are delivered ahead of the occupation of the relevant phase of development.


Developers can liaise with Thames Water in advance of the submission of any planning applications through the use of their pre-planning service at:


National Grid

National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (NGET) owns and maintains the electricity transmission system in England and Wales. National Grid Gas plc (NGG) owns and operates the high-pressure gas transmission system across the UK. Please remember to consult National Grid on any Neighbourhood Plan Documents or site-specific proposals that could affect their assets.


Essex County Council


ECC is the Minerals and Waste Planning Authority for the area covered by the Plan. See Essex Minerals Local Plan (MLP) (2014) and the Essex and Southend-on Sea Waste Local Plan (WLP) (2017) These set out framework and policies which safeguard known mineral bearing land and mineral and waste infrastructure. Parts of Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Area have sand and gravel deposits in the safeguarding area and should be referenced accordingly in planning applications.

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