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  • Ongar Neighbourhood Plan

Help Improve Ongar's Roads

Attend the meeting Thursday 23rd November • 7.30pm at Budworth Hall.

View the Agenda of the meeting and sign up to join the group to help.


Public Meeting at Budworth Hall on Thursday 23rd November 2023 at 7.30pm

  1. Introduction

  2. Existing issues of major roads through Ongar, and road junctions most likely to be affected by new development in and around Ongar

  3. Information on Recent upgrades/proposed upgrades due to 3 development sites

  4. Proposals for

    1. junction upgrades etc.

    2. Provision of safe pedestrian crossings and proposed new crossings

    3. Restriction of HGVs in part of the High St update and proposals

    4. Other roads or rat runs in Ongar civil parish likely to be affected and proposals

    5. other

  5. Proposed Actions and Strategy going forward to influence decision makers

  6. A.O.B.

Some proposals for highway improvements in Ongar to ease congestion and enable a more pedestrian friendly centre:

a. Junction upgrades etc.

  • Two junctions from new developments onto A414 to the E & W of the Four Wantz must enable safe turning right towards Ongar, possibly with roundabouts.

  • More lanes at the Four Wantz roundabout, as previously proposed by ECC, will ease congestion and pollution.

  • Changing the 'triangle' at the junction of High Street, Coopers Hill & The Borough to a roundabout, with bus stops moved to the old allotments site via direct access to that roundabout, will ease congestion and improve pedestrian safety.

  • Re-routing the A414 to go north around Shelley (By-pass), would ensure Ongar Health Centre, Ongar Academy, Ongar Leisure Centre are not separated from the rest of Ongar.

b. Upgraded pedestrian crossings and new crossings to promote safe walking within the town and children walking to school. Locations proposed are on: A414, Ongar High St. & Greensted Rd.

c. Implement a ban of HGVs in the High Street, to enable a more pedestrian friendly centre & to stop damage to historic buildings. Also for Essex to adopt a preferred lorry route via A414/Al2.

d. Introduce traffic calming initiatives. including: Gateways at entry points to Ongar, light up speed tables (with smiley faces when within speed limit), 20mph near school entrances.

e. Other roads or 'rat runs' in Ongar likely to be affected by new development and congestion on main routes. Greensted Road/ Blake Hall Rd to be marked as unsuitable for HGVs.

Do you agree? What else?

We need your views and support to get action to protect our community

Sign up now to the Safer Ongar Roads Campaign

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