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How many more deaths must there be on Ongar’s main roads before dangerous road junctions in our area are improved?

Following the tragic death of a motorcyclist in his 40s on the A414 at High Ongar on 13th April, Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Community Group (OMPCG) Subcommittee on Road improvements is stepping up its campaign relating to A414 road improvements. 

ONPCG has written again to Essex Highways, who as part of the County Council is responsible for the roads in and around Ongar, urging them to find funds-including from developers- to effect the improvements we need as a matter of urgency.

According to, and even before last weekend’s fatality, there have been 6 other fatalities between 2000 and 2022 on the A414, just between the roundabout by The Harvester at North Weald and The Street, High Ongar.  There were also 48 collisions with serious injury for at least one person, and many more collisions with slight injury. 

Many of these accidents and the numerous undocumented collisions or near misses with no injury, are likely, in part, to be caused by poor visibility and/or speeding.

Action is also supported by Ongar Neighbourhood Watch team (2) Marden Ash & Ongar Road Safety Campaign | Facebook  and the Residents Group representing those affected by the proposed Persimmon development off High Ongar Road near the Four Wantz RAGON4 - Residents Action Group for Ongar North Development (ONG.R4) | Facebook.  Readers may recall that the public meeting with Persimmon last autumn, did not get further than questions about their proposed road improvements, which are totally inadequate to enable a further 120 new home owners (with multiple vehicles) being able to safely turn right from High Ongar Road onto the A414 towards Ongar.

A petition is being set up, to indicate to Essex Highways the extent of concern of Ongar residents and road users of A414, with a request to improve several junctions.  Essex Highways is a member of Safer Essex Roads Partnerships (SERP), so it is hoped that this notorious stretch of road will be improved before yet another fatality in our locality.

The petition will be posted here.  Together we must stop this unnecessary loss of life on Ongar’s main roads.  Our hearts go out to the grieving family of Ongar’s latest fatality.

Mary Dadd  Chairman of Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Community Group                                                                             

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