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Local Democracy Success!

Decision - 3318699
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On 8th September 2023 the Planning Inspectorate dismissed an Appeal against refusal of the Greensted Road planning application!

The Inspector agreed with EFDC’s refusal reasons and also our evidence from Ongar Neighbourhood Plan and its robust Policies.

We trust this will set a precedent and developers will heed the comments made by the Inspector on the character of our rural town, its dependence on cars for commuting to work, and that it is essentially a family orientated community with a need to maintain the present housing mix of approx. 70% 3 or more bedroomed homes and 30% 1 & 2 bedroomed homes with sufficient off street parking provision.

Ongar Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2033 (ONP), now part of the Local Plan, has very strong policies specific to the civil parish of Ongar, on parking, housing mix and protecting our historic and natural environments, among other aspects.

ONP policies were informed by strong public opinion, gathered through surveys and other interactive meetings. ONPCG had excellent advisors from RCCE and Locality (Chartered Town Planner) and were helped by a great many local residents and business people with a variety of expertise.

This is therefore a whole community success. ONPCG and I thank so many of you for, not only your input in the Neighbourhood Plan, but also in your determination that inappropriate development such as the Greensted Road proposal must be refused. Over 50 of you wrote individual objections, about 500 signed a petition, and several EFDC Planning Meetings were attended complete with banners. And finally, some residents were also able to come to the Public Hearing in August, where I was able to put a strong case (based on evidence from Ongar Neighbourhood Plan) against the detail of the proposed development, also on behalf of Ongar Town Council and alongside EFDC.

Thank you!

Mary Dadd

Chairman, Ongar Neighbourhood Plan Community Group

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