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  • Ongar Neighbourhood Plan

ONGAR NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN Referendum is coming have your say.

Why you should vote YES in the referendum?

Its strong Policies are specific to Ongar only, and are tailored to our specific needs. Vote YES to ensure that planning applications in Ongar must comply with detailed policies, including to complement our rural character :

  • All new housing must have sufficient minimum parking spaces, as specified, that do not dominate the street scene

  • No three storey flats, except in the town centre or by shops

  • Housing mix must meet Ongar’s need for 70% 3+ bed family houses, 20% 2 bed and 10% 1 bed homes with density similar to the existing

  • Developers to contribute to additional centrally located playing pitches, a town park or a new pre-school, for everyone in Ongar

  • Local facilities such as Ongar Leisure Centre cannot be closed without being replaced with similar or better within Ongar

  • Four local Green Spaces are protected against future development

  • Historic buildings and Conservation Areas are protected from harm

Ongar Neighbourhood Plan has not allocated any development sites, but Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) has already planned for 590 new homes in Ongar. If you vote YES for Ongar Neighbourhood Plan, these homes would now have to comply with stronger policies than at present

A NO vote against Ongar Neighbourhood Plan would would mean just using EFDC district wide policies, suited more to urban areas with the result of:

  • too many 1 bed flats in Ongar instead of much needed family homes

  • 3 or 4 storey blocks of flats, dominating and overbearing to existing homes

  • insufficient parking spaces causing friction between neighbours

For an example:- proposals at Greensted Rd, where EFDC Planners are recommending approval, has nearly a third of the 95 homes as small 1 bed flats, crammed together in 3 storey blocks and not enough parking spaces!

A NO vote also means:

  • We could not prevent Ongar Leisure Centre moving elsewhere in the district

  • We could not stop building on Ongar’s open green spaces

  • We could not insist on amenities we want, rather than what suits developers

Vote YES for Ongar Neighbourhood Plan, with planning policies specific to Ongar, to protect our rural character from inappropriate development

More about the content of Ongar Neighbourhood Plan can be found on

Where and when can I vote?

Registered voters in Chipping Ongar, Marden Ash, Greensted or Shelley can vote in the Referendum on Thursday 8th September, between 7am – 10pm. For queries about voting or applying for a Proxy vote contact EFDC on 01992 564411

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