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RAGON4 – New Residents Action Group for Ongar North Development (ONG.R4)

As we all know by now there is due to be a large amount of development in the coming years here in Ongar. Well done to Greensted residents for their success in blocking the unsuitable plan for their area and hopefully going forward a plan for the site can be agreed upon in line with the Ongar Neighbourhood Plan and residents’ needs.

At the north end of Ongar they have set up a Residents Action Group for our site ONG.R4 – north of High Ongar Road - following the recent meeting with Persimmon homes at Zinc on 12th October and the follow on residence meeting at the Budworth Hall, on 25th October very kindly hosted by ONPCG and chaired by Mary Dadd, who have been leading campaigners to make sure that Ongar residents get their say.

The group will essentially include residents nearest to the development, including Chelmsford Road/High Ongar Road/Fyfield Road, Great Stony and The Gables. Some of our potential committee members met on 8th November and would like to invite people to join the Group and to let us know if you are willing serve on the committee or have any special skills that would be helpful to the group as a whole.

You can join the Facebook Group – or email them on

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