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  • Ongar Neighbourhood Plan

Persimmon have submitted their planning application to EFDC for the site North East of the Four Wantz

It would appear that Persimmon has not taken on board most of the comments already submitted to them following their meeting at Zinc Arts this autumn, and so far have declined to meet ONPCG to discuss concerns.  Instead they have gone ahead and put in a formal detailed application, along the lines as detailed at the meeting at Zinc Arts.  This planning application will be decided on at EFDC Planning meeting in the new year.


We are holding a public meeting on Thursday 11th January at 7.30 at Budworth Hall to discuss concerns and how you can make this known to the planning authority.


The meeting will also include the setting up of an official Residents Group to continue to take action to seek the changes to the detail that you the residents want, relating to the Planning Application EPF/2787/23 as submitted.


More details of our meeting will follow.

Please do let friends and neighbours know and we hope to see you on Thursday 11th January.

Closing date for comments, about the application, to go to Epping Forest District Council is 25th January 2024.

To ensure that your comments are incorporated quickly and efficiently, please use the 'Comments' section on the website. Alternatively forward any observations to

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